Ski and Snowboard Service

Ski & Snowboard Service / Repair

Ski and Snowboard Service

In ProX-Treme you will find the most suitable place for maintenance and service / repair of your ski and snowboard boards, in order to keep them in excellent condition when hitting the slopes. Our Ski and Snowboard Service has very good facilities and a professional Wintersteiger machine. Using it we can grind, sharpen the edges and wax your skis or snowboard boards. Of course, this could not be achieved without the professionalism and the thousands of ski services we have performed, by us the founders of ProX-Treme. Below you can see all our ski and snowboard repair services:

Prices for Ski and Snowboard Service / Repair / Tuning

Type of Service Price in BGN
Full Ski or Snowboard service (go-smoothing machine, sharpening of the edges, and placing the wax) 35 BGN
Go-smoothing machine + sharpening edges 25 BGN
Go-smoothing + wax 20 BGN
Sharpening the edges + wax 25 BGN
Go-smoothing 15 BGN
Sharpening the edges 15 BGN
Wax 20 BGN

Visit us and see for yourself that you do not need super expensive outfits and equipment that enjoy the skiing or snowboarding. Just the quality of our products, combined with high professionalism and love for winter sports along with the desire to make skiing a pleasant yet affordable activity.

ProX-Treme Ski Storage

Address: 2010 Borovets, Bulgaria(Right Next to the Gondola Station – Yastrebets)

Phones: (+359) 898 98 93 98; (+359) 888 36 02 36; (+359) 877 32 59 29

We are open: Mn-Fr: 9 am-7 pm

Where to Find Us?

We are located right next the Gondola Station (Yastrebets)

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Ski and Snowboard Equipment for Rent in Borovets

Ski and Snowboard Equipment Rental

With us, you can find ski and snowboard equipment for complete beginners, and advanced and of course for those who are fluent in the art of caressing the snow on the slopes, or so-called “Gods” in skiing or snowboarding. Skis and all accompanying accessories, such as poles, ski boots, helmets and ski equipment are the best that is available in the market at the most affordable prices.

Ski and Snowboard School Borovets

Ski and Snowboard School

Along with our high quality and affordable ski and snowboard equipment, we also offer ski and snowboard school.
Young and very ambitious, committed to what they do, are the ski and snowboard instructors, who are part of our school.