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What can you find in our ski depot?

To be helpful and of course, to meet the criteria and requirements of our customers in their choice of equipment, we rely on our experience, precision and, not least, the quality of our products and services. Here you can find ski and snowboard equipment for complete beginners, advanced ones and for those who are fluent in the art of caressing the snow on the slopes, or so-called “Gods” in skiing or snowboarding. Skis and all accompanying accessories such as poles, ski boots, helmets and ski equipment are the best of the available in the market and of course at affordable price. To rent skis and the accompanying accessories, all you need is to come to us. Of course, as in any commercial sector and here we offer preferential terms and discounts when renting for more days, respectively group of people. (Single family friendly group or just acquaintances).
For snowboard and snowboard boots – it is the same – just visit our ski depot and leave your traces in the snow. The rule here is the same – the more people rent snowboarding or the more days you rent the equipment – the lower the prices.

Ski and Snowboard equipment rental

If you are first time on the track or skiing rarely and do not have your own equipment, then with us you can find a wide variety of models and brands of ski rental equipment at bargain prices. Everyone no matter a beginner or intermediate skier need the right equipment to improve their skiing and to experience the maximum enjoyment of time spent on the slopes.

Ski & Snowboard Service

In ProX-Treme you will find the best place to keep your skis and snowboarding boards in excellent condition.
To do this, we have a very good base camp. Thanks to it we manage to grind, sharpen the edges and waxing your skis or snowboard boards.

Ski & Snowboard School

We offer ski and snowboard school. Part of this school are young and very ambitious, committed to what they do ski and snowboard instructors. We will teach you the basic rules and techniques of skiing and snowboarding.

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